Finecon Liising – the leasing partner of Your company

Our goal and ambitions are simple and clear – we want to become the most preferred leasing partner in Estonia! The prerequisites for this are given to us by a very long, thorough and practical experience – by this day we have done more than 1200 financial transactions and an even greater number of operations for the administration, maintenance and sale of heavy equipment.

Our company is based on 100% Estonian capital and has a financial institution license No. FAA000405 (from 16.11.2020). We work responsibly and in accordance with all Estonian and European financial rules and in the spirit of generally accepted good customs.

Our goal is to offer you the most suitable financial service. We promise that every invoice issued to you will be paid by us on time.

We promise that the right equipment, machinery, or other property can be selected independently, through a suitable supplier, while the monthly payment and rental period agreed in the lease agreement will remain unchanged throughout the entire period.

With us, each person will remain in his business, that is, the seller sells the property, and the financier sells the lease. This will give you the confidence and peace of mind you need in your day-to-day work.

Risto Kriik

member of the board

Juhan Rootsma

member of the board