We collect data about visits to the Finecon.ee website in order to get feedback on the use of the website.

Data is collected in accordance with the privacy policy below. The privacy policy provides information on what data is collected, why it is collected and who has access to it. You will also find guidance on how to exercise your data protection and privacy rights.

Please take a moment to read our privacy policy. If you have any questions, please contact us using the contact details below.

1. Entity responsible for data processing

1.1 The entity in charge of processing your data is Finecon Liising OÜ.

2.1. Cookies

2.1.1. Cookies are blocks of data stored in text form in your web browser that are re-sent to the web page every time you make a request. Thus, the server can distinguish your request from others and provide personalized information. Cookies can be used, for example, to log into a website, save settings and remember the contents of the shopping cart so that they do not have to be re-entered.

2.1.2. Finecon.ee uses cookies to collect the following information: IP address, browsing information (which websites visited, time spent on websites), system data, preferences.

2.1.3. Google Analytics places and uses cookies to track website traffic and user interactions with websites. From there, Finecon Liising OÜ receives data that can be used to analyze the movement of website visitors across pages so that we can improve the visitor experience in future updates.

2.1.4. Finecon Liising OÜ needs cookies for technical operation and website improvement. The reason is the legitimate interest of Finecon Liising OÜ in informing the public about the services offered and offering contact information while ensuring the ease of use of the website.

2.1.5. Cookies can be checked and deleted as desired. This can be done in the web browser you are using (the steps are slightly different for each browser; you can find instructions in this article). You can delete all cookies that have already been stored on your device and prevent further use of cookies. However, this may limit the use of the various websites that you use, as this change will not only affect the Finecon.ee website.

2.2. Website visit statistics

2.2.1. Finecon Liising OÜ collects statistical data to make the website easier to use, improve services and find out the needs of users. Including, in particular, which information and pages are most relevant to the visitors, which language is preferred, how often our website is visited, which browser, operating system, screen resolution and device are used, which part of the website is being read more, the number of visits, times of visits and regions where the visits originate from.

2.2.2. To collect data, Finecon Liising OÜ uses Google Analytics, which allows us to collect and analyze the above information. Learn more about Google Analytics here.
2.2.3. You can deactivate Google Analytics from collecting data in your browser at any time. Instructions can be found here.

2.2.4. The purpose of collecting the above data is to ensure ease of use of the website, and it is based on the legitimate interest of Finecon Liising OÜ in using reliable and publicly available methods to serve the website, so the website would perform its tasks in the best possible way.

2.3. Logs

2.3.1. Finecon.ee is hosted on a server where your requests can be stored (opened web address, browser and device used, IP address, access time). This data is used only for technical purposes – to ensure the proper functioning and security of the website, as well as to investigate cases where a security risk may have arisen.

2.3.2. The purpose of collecting the above data is to ensure the technical accessibility and security of the website, and the basis is the legitimate interest of Finecon Liising OÜ in informing the public about the services offered and contact information.

2.4. Marketing

2.4.1. Finecon Liising OÜ may use user data for direct marketing and targeted advertising.

2.5. Profiling

Finecon Liising OÜ does not create individual profiles for visitors of the Finecon.ee website.

2.6. Access to data

2.6.1. Finecon Liising OÜ employees, who are responsible for analyzing and updating the website data, have access to the statistical data of website visitors.

2.6.2. Finecon Liising OÜ partners who develop, administer or host websites may have access to technical logs.

2.6.3. The provider of Google Analytics tools that has access to the collected statistics is Google LLC. It is a large company that has taken steps to ensure that its operations comply with the privacy standards required by the European Union (EU and US Privacy Shield Regulation).

2.6.4. Google makes the following commitments to users of Google Analytics

2.7 Data retention period

2.7.1. We store and use the collected statistical data for analysis for up to three years.

2.7.2. Cookies are temporary. They either expire as soon as you close your browser, or are valid for days, weeks or months, in some cases, they can be valid for up to a year.

2.8. Your rights in relation to your data and how it is used

2.8.1. You can contact the data protection officers here: info@finecon.ee. You have the right under the law to:

request confirmation about the processing of your personal data, look over your personal data and receive information about your data (purpose of processing, processor (s), sources, etc.);

request the correction, deletion or restriction of the processing of your personal data or object to the processing of personal data;

withdraw consent to the processing of personal data.

2.8.2. Your rights derive, in particular, from the General Data Protection Regulation (EU Regulation – GDPR), which you can find out more about here.

2.8.3. You can disable cookies in your browsers.

3.  Right to Complaint and Notice of Violations

3.1. If you believe that your privacy has been violated, you can file a complaint with the Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate – AKI, or, if you live in another EU country, with the competent authority of that country.

3.2. If a violation of personal data may pose a serious threat to the rights and freedoms of individuals, we will immediately inform the data subject about the violation related to personal data.